Armed Robbery Witness Has Doubt – Not Guilty

Firm Case Number: 2012-05-1037
Armed Robbery with a gun
Vehicular Invasion
Aggravated Battery
Aggravated Unlawful Restraint
Bridgeview Courthouse

The Chicago Police claimed that Mr. H and another person pistol whipped and robbed a man near 75th and Union. After Mr. H’s previous attorney dragged the case out, Attorney Levinsohn quickly set a trial date. During the trial, we proved to the judge that Mr. H was not one of the perpetrators. That victim gave two descriptions, neither of which matched the physical description of Mr. H. It was proven that there was no physical or forensic evidence linking Mr. H to the crime. Finally, Attorney Levinsohn got the victim to admit on the stand that he had expressed doubt to the prosecutor as to whether Mr. H was the right person. Finding of NOT GUILTY.

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