Gun Rights

If the Illinois State Police have denied your application for a FOID card, call us so we can fight for your 2nd Amendment rights. Or if the Illinois State Police have denied your CCL application, call us so we can fight for your 2nd Amendment rights. People who do not have a felony in their… View Article

Cigarette & Cigarette Use Taxes

The Cigarette Tax Act imposes a tax on the occupation of selling cigarettes at retail. Licensed distributors prepay the tax through the purchase of stamps, which are affixed (either heat-transferred or hand applied) to each cigarette package. The distributor collects the tax from the retailer at or before the time of sale. The retailer passes… View Article

Tabacco Products Tax

The tabacco products tax is imposed on persons engaged in the business as a distributor of tobacco products (other than cigarettes), including cigars; cheroots; stogies; periques; granulated, plug-cut, crimp-cut, ready-rubbed and other smoking tobacco; snuff or snuff flour; cavendish; plug and twist tobacco; fine-cut and other chewing tobaccos; refuse scraps, clippings, cuttings and sweepings of… View Article

Drug Defense Lawyer in Chicago

Drug Possession

The following are questions that are often asked about drug cases: How can you beat my drug case? What can be done to keep this drug case off my record? Can you keep me out of jail even though they found drugs on me, in my car or in my house? Chicago Drug Possession Lawyer,… View Article

chicago gun possession attorney

Gun Charge

Gun cases are also known as unlawful use of a weapon (UUW), aggravated unlawful use of a weapon (AUUW), possession of a weapon by a felon, and armed habitual criminal.  To possess a gun in Illinois, you need a Firearm Owners Identification card (FOID card) issued by the state police.  Starting in 2014, to carry… View Article

chicago sexual assault defense lawyer

Sexual Assault

Attorney Michael Levinsohn has helped clients fight rape and criminal sexual assault accusations for almost 25 years.  These are serious charges and require an expert defense. In Illinois, rape cases are known as aggravated criminal sexual abuse, criminal sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual assault, and predatory criminal sexual assault. The particular charge depends on the… View Article

Federal Crime Lawyer Chicago

Federal Cases

I have been very successful in fighting federal criminal charges by starting out early in the investigation.  The best defense in these cases is to prevent charges from being filed in the first place.  In cases where I have been hired early in the investigation, I have been able to head off criminal charges.  In… View Article

chicago tax lawyer


Michael Levinsohn has successfully represented individuals in Chicago for many different types of tax and fraud cases.  The State Attorney General prosecutes cases when retailers do not pay the proper amount with regard to: Alcohol taxes Cigarette taxes Gasoline taxes Sales tax and Occupational taxes Sale of merchandise with fake trademarks Sale of bootleg movies… View Article

Chicago Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic Violence

A case is classified as domestic violence when there is a fight between family members or people that share the same home. If you plead guilty to a domestic battery, the conviction goes on your record and cannot be expunged. In addition to domestic batteries, domestic cases involved violations of orders of protection. In some… View Article

Battery Attorney in Chicago

Aggravated Battery

What is aggravated battery? Aggravated battery cases include situations in which a police officer is hit, pushed, or spit on.  It also includes fights where there is great bodily harm and shooting cases. People are usually charged with aggravated battery to the police after the officers have beaten that person up. The officers put this… View Article

Chicago Theft Lawyer

Burglary, Robbery, and Theft

Chicago Robbery Lawyer Theft is taking something with the intention of not giving it back. Burglary is the entry into a building or home with the intent to commit a felony or theft inside the building. Robbery is taking something by force or the threat of force. There are many variations to each of these… View Article

DUI Defense Lawyer in Chicago


There are 9 statutory factors that can cause a DUI to be charged as a felony DUI (or aggravated DUI).  The following is a summary of the most common factors. If a person has 2 or more prior DUIs, his or her next DUI will be charged as a felony.  It is a felony to… View Article

Murder Defense Lawyers in Chicago

Murder Defense

This is the most serious offense in Illinois.  The base range of sentencing is 20 to 60 years of which 100% of the sentence must be served.  If certain aggravating factors are present the sentence can be up to 100 years.  If other factors are present the sentence can be natural life.  If a gun… View Article