Aggravated Battery

BatteryWhat is aggravated battery?

Aggravated battery cases include situations in which a police officer is hit, pushed, or spit on.  It also includes fights where there is great bodily harm and shooting cases. People are usually charged with aggravated battery to the police after the officers have beaten that person up. The officers put this false charge on people to cover-up their own misconduct. These cases are classified as Class 2 felonies which can be punished by a prison sentence of between 3 and 7 years. In these cases, Chicago Aggravated Battery Lawyer, Michael Levinsohn, gathers independent witnesses and medical records are gathered  to prove that you were the one beaten up not the officer.

We help people with the following types of aggravated battery cases:

Shootings and knife fights

Fights with the police – resisting arrest

Fights in a bar, on the street, at Wrigley Field, U.S. Cellular Field, the United Center, Soldier Field.

Fights involving great bodily harm


Aggravated battery cases in which there was a shooting are Class X felonies which carry potential sentences starting at 21, 26 or even 31 years. Many times these cases are also charged as Attempted Murder. No matter how the case is charged, if you or a loved one is in fear of his or her life, self-defense justifies the use of force. The best defense to this type of charge is to show that the other party was the aggressor and that you were acting to protect yourself. As part of the preparation of your case, your Aggravated Battery Attorney in Chicago, Michael Levinsohn, will obtain the criminal history of the complainant and look for favorable witnesses. Often favorable witnesses and evidence can be found in the police reports which are turned over during the discovery process. Each case is unique and requires the gathering of unique evidence that will prove your innocence.

To bolster your defense, we subpoena all the evidence to show that you were not the aggressor.  We get a copy of any video that exists from the squad car, surrounding businesses, and police POD cameras.  We use investigators to find and interview witnesses.


If you have been involved or accused of aggravated battery in Chicago, contact Levinsohn & Associates immediately.