Retail Theft

Chicago Retail Theft Defense Lawyer

Retail Theft in Chicago

Retail theft is the taking of merchandise from a retail store.  A first time offense of retail theft of $300 or less is a Class A misdemeanor.  Subsequent retail thefts can be charged as a Class 4 felony.

If you have a clean record and you mess up by stealing from a store, it is Levinsohn & Associates’ goal is to make sure your record stays clean.    If you are a student, working, young, not young, have a family, live with your family, or in any circumstance, an experienced retail theft lawyer in Chicago can successfully present your positive personal history to the prosecutor in order to have your case dismissed.  In exchange for the case being dismissed you will have to perform community service or attend a certain amount of classes or sessions.  After your case is dismissed the case is eligible for expungement.  If your case is expunged there is no record of it and it is as if the arrest never took place.

Retail theft looks like a minor charge but it will prevent you from getting into school, getting a job, or professional license. Call Chicago Retail Theft Attorney, Michael Levinsohn, to make sure it does not go on your record.