Case Fell Apart – No Witnesses

Firm Case Number: 2013-05-887
Aggravated Battery
Bridgeview Courthouse
Evergreen Park Police arrested Mr. G after a huge fight broke out at a party being held at his home. Officers claimed that he stabbed a person with a knife puncturing one of his lungs and had his bond set at $200,000.00 D. First Attorney Levinsohn filed a motion to reduce bond and was able to get Mr. G release on home monitoring. Then Attorney Levinsohn reviewed the witness interviews and proved that most of the witnesses including the victim did not see the person doing the stabbing. One person who claimed to have seen the stabbing gave a physical description that was completely different from Mr. G. The one person who identified Mr. G, earlier claimed that she did not see the stabbing. After presenting this to the state, Case Dismissed.

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