People v. Confidential 210

Firm Case Number: 2012-26-210
Unlawful Use of a Weapon
26th & California, Chicago

Chicago Police officers had Mr. F and a co-defendant get out of a car for a pat down. They found guns on both of them. This was an illegal search and seizure. The officers claimed that they received a call of people passing a gun in a car. The caller identified a car that looked like Mr. F’s car. I subpoenaed the 911 call and played it during a motion to suppress. The caller clearly said that he thinks there was a gun but was not sure. The judge ruled that the officers did not have the right to search Mr. F. Unfortunately, the co-defendant had a different lawyer and pleaded guilty prior to the motion. The co-defendant went to prison but Mr. F’s case was dismissed he went home.


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