600 gms of Weed and a Gun Thrown Out 1039

Firm Case Number: 2014-26-1039
Unlawful Possession of a Weapon by a Felon
Possession of Cannabis with Intent to Deliver 500 to 2000g
26th & California, Chicago

Mr. T was at home near Springfield and Lexington when a Chicago Police Officer chased a person into Mr. T’s home. The person the officer was chasing had not committed a crime but did not want to be questioned on the street by the police. Once in Mr. T’s home, the officer lost the person they were chasing but began searching the home and found a gun and over 600 grams marijuana. At a motion to suppress evidence, Attorney Levinsohn proved that the officer did not have the right to chase this person into Mr. T’s home and start searching. The case was DISMISSED.


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