House Bill HB5219 Day for Day Credit

May 16, 2024 8:58 pm Published by

In February 2024, Representative Barbara Hernandez introduced a bill that would eliminate 75%, 85%, and 100% sentencing and make every IDOC sentence 50% or Day for Day. On April 15th it pick up a Rep. Lilian Jimenez as a co-sponsor.

Right now, if a person gets sentenced to time for a sex crime, aggravated discharge, aggravated domestic battery, armed habitual, and aggravated DUI that person will have to do 85% percent of their sentence and will not be eligible additional good time to reduce their time below 85%. If a person is convicted of murder and receive a sentence less that life, they have to do 100% of the sentence. This new law, if passed and signed by the governor would reduce off these sentences to 50% day for day sentences. The bill says that it will apply to everyone in IDOC right now and the Department would have 6 months to recalculate everyone’s sentence.

Lets see what happens!!

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