Health Insurance Fraud – No Charges

Federal Health Insurance Fraud

U.S. Attorney Chicago

Our client provided gymnastics training for kids and would refer clients to two different chiropractic offices if there were injuries. Our client and his family were also treated for their own injuries and pain at the same chiropractic offices. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Chicago accused our client of taking kick back payments from these chiropractors for referrals. The U.S. Attorney’s Office also claimed that our client and his family did not actually receive treatment and were part of scheme to overbill insurance companies. Attorney Levinsohn confronted the prosecutor and no charges were filed against our client. On the other hand, people who hired other lawyers were charged with fraud and other charges. Igor Sher, Eguert Nagaj, Dmitri Konovolov, Maricela Hernandez, Vera Smolyansky, Vladimir Gordin Sr., Valdimir Gordin Jr., and Alexsander Gordin were all charged. The case against our client was dropped.

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