Warrant But Armed Habitual Case Was Thrown Out 1035

Firm Case Number: 2014-26-1035
Armed Habitual Criminal
Unlawful Possession of a Weapon by a Felon
26th & California, Chicago

Chicago Police obtained a search warrant for Mr. D and apartment near Keeler and Maypole. The officers searched and found 3 guns (two Smith & Wessons and a Ruger) but they did not find Mr. D. He was arrested two days later in a car at 500 N. Hamlin. At trial, the police claimed that a few pieces of old mail showed that Mr. D lived in the apartment and that the guns were his. Attorney Levinsohn showed that he had moved out of that apartment months ago that he didn’t even have a key to the apartment. In addition there was mail for other people found at the apartment. Finding of NOT GUILTY.


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