United States v. Confidential 869

Firm Case Number: 2006-FD-869
Software Piracy, Wire Fraud
Probation (lower than guideline)
Federal Court, Chicago

Mr. F was charged with being part of a software piracy group called RISCISO. This group using cracks, keygens, and inside employees amassed a library of software and movies worth over $4 million. Mr. F sentencing guidelines showed that he was eligible for a prison sentence up to the maximum of 5 years. Through negotiations with the government and presenting a strong mitigation package to the judge Mr. F received three years probation which was terminated satisfactorily after 14 months. Other co-defendants received higher sentences: VP received 5 years probation, PY received 1 year and one day of prison plus 3 years parole, SF received 1 1/2 years prison and 2 years parole, PH received 5 years probation.


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