Police Destroyed Video We Had Gun Case Dismissed 0500901

Firm Case Number: 2013-05-0500901
Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon
Possession of a Gun with Defaced Identification Marks

Bridgeview Courthouse Room 109

Chicago Police Officers watched our client driving near Morgan Park High School when they saw that his passenger did not have a seat belt on. They pulled our client over, claimed to smell cannabis, ordered everyone out of the car, searched everyone, and then claimed to have found a gun. The squad car was equipped with a video camera which recorded the entire incident. The police department destroyed the video. Attorney Levinsohn filed a motion, under People v. Kladis, to prevent the police from testifying about anything that would have been on the video that was destroyed by the police. The court granted the motion and the case was Dismissed.

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