Gun & Drugs Thrown out in Cook County Court

Armed Violence
UUW by a Felon
Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon
Possession of Cannabis with Intent


Markham Courthouse Room 103

My client was driving on 221st St. in Sauk Village at Yates when officer Fredericksen pulled him over. Officer Fredericksen had a K-9 unit with him which alerted on the vehicle. Inside the car the officer found a .380 Smith and Wesson handgun and 107 grams of cannabis. My client had an armed robbery in his background so they charged with Armed Violence which as a 15 year minimum sentence. At a motion to suppress, I showed Judge Pitman that my client did not commit a traffic offense and that the officer lied. In the end the judge ruled that the officer had no right to search the vehicle. The drugs and gun could not be used against him and the case was dismissed.


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