Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault / Rape

Attorney Michael Levinsohn has helped clients fight rape and criminal sexual assault accusations for almost 25 years.  These are serious charges and require an expert defense.

In Illinois, rape cases are known as aggravated criminal sexual abuse, criminal sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual assault, and predatory criminal sexual assault. The particular charge depends on the age of the alleged victim, the age of the alleged assailant, whether force was used or threatened, and whether there was bodily harm.

A Sexual Assault Attorney in Chicago Can Help

Knocking Out False Confessions

Rape cases often involve confessions. We use motions and trial techniques to suppress these statements or prove that they are false. Police officers use the Reid Method to obtain statements from people they arrest. They first pose general questions and gather biographical information about the person. Then they ask a bait question. They will suggest that they have evidence or statements from other people and ask the person in custody why such incriminating evidence exists. Then they will accuse the subject but say they want to “work” with the subject. Then they will offer explanations and what sound to be acceptable excuses for the alleged crime. They will tell the person it is “ok” to confess because the alleged victim was seductive, initiated sexual conduct, was not dressed appropriately. In their effort to get confession, officers will use good cop/bad cop, tell the person they can go once everything is straightened out, and make other false promises of leniency. Attorney Michael Levinsohn knows these tricks and has studied how to overcome these techniques. At trial we prove that a false confession is just a lie put on our clients by the police.

Defense Strategies

One of the most common defense strategies involves consent. At trial, Chicago Sexual Assault Attorney, Michael Levinsohn, will present evidence that the alleged victim’s actions prior to and after intercourse show that he or she consented to the relationship. Other times, with the help of an experienced attorney, an interview with the alleged victim can be arranged to obtain a statement showing that the intercourse was consensual or that the intercourse never really happened.

Identity is also an important defense. The reliability of the witness has to be investigated. For instance, if the alleged victim is a drug user, his or her description of the attacker and the events can be shown to be inconsistent and unreliable. If DNA is a factor in the case,  the complete DNA testing records can be obtained to review it for accuracy.

Accused of Sexual Assault in Chicago?

If you or a loved one has been wrongfully accused of rape, or a sexual assault, it is important to seek legal representation immediately. With the help of Chicago Sexual Assault Attorney, Michael Levinsohn, you will have a chance to clear your record.

No sexual assault case is the same. Michael Levinsohn examines each and every aspect of your sexual assault case to develop an effective defense strategy. Don’t let a wrongful accusation determine the rest of your life; contact Gottreich & Levinsohn today.