Expungement and Sealing


NEW Expungement and Sealing Laws That went into effect January 1, 2020

Expungement and Sealing Attorney

Attorney Michael Levinsohn has been helping people expunge and seal their records in Illinois, Cook County, Lake County, and DuPage County for almost 25 years.  If you are eligible to have your criminal history cleared, Attorney Levinsohn’s office will petition the court on your behalf to have it expunged or sealed.  In addition, he will make sure that the entire record is cleared by the court, Chicago Police, any suburban police departments involved, and the Illinois State Police.  Attorney Levinsohn will get you the fresh start that you need so you can pursue the job or license that you deserve.


In Illinois, expunge means to physically destroy the records or return them to the petitioner and to obliterate the petitioner’s name from any official index or public record, or both.  Court files are not required to be destroyed, but they can be impounded out of view of the public.

In Illinois and specifically in Cook County, Lake County, and DuPage County, we can petition the court for an expungement when:

No Finding of Guilt:

1. The person was released from the police station without being charged, if the case was dismissed or the person found to be not guilty.

2. The conviction was vacated or reversed on appeal

SUPERVISION  – 2 to 5 year waiting for Expungement

1. Five year waiting period for

– criminal sexual abuse

– uninsured motor vehicle

– driving while suspended for no insurance

– false insurance card

– scrap processors failure to keep records

2. Two year waiting period following the successful completion of the supervision

 PROBATION – Five year waiting period after completing:

Section 10 – Cannabis Control Act

Section 410 – Illinois Controlled Substance Act

Section 70 Methamphetamine Control and Community Protection Act

Section 10-102 – Alcoholism and other Drug Use Dependency Act

Section 40-10 of the Substance Use Disorder Act

Section 5-6-3.3 – Offender Initiative Program

Section 5-6-3.4  – Second Chance Probation

Section 12-4.3(b)(1) and (2) of the Criminal Code aggravated battery of a child


The following records can not be expunged even after getting supervison:
– DUIs
– Reckless driving, unless it was a misdemeanor and the person was under 25 years  old and the person has no other DUI or reckless convictions.
– Minor traffic offenses
– Sexual offenses against minors


Sealing records in Illinois means to physically and electronically  make the records unavailable without a court order subject to certain exceptions.  The petitioner’s name shall also be removed from the official index kept by the clerk of court.

In Cook County, Lake County, and DuPage County, I can help you get the following Felonies Sealed:

  1. Cannabis / Marijuana Cases Sealed
  2. Cocaine or Heroin Possession – Possession of a Controlled Substance
  3. Prostitution Cases Sealed
  4. Retail theft / theft
  5. Burglary
  6. Unlawful Use of a Weapon
  7. Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle
  8. Robbery / Armed Robbery
  9. Murder

I can also help you seal misdemeanor convictions.

Please contact my office if you are interested in this service at 312 919-0200